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Lend a Paw Animal Rescue: Foster information

Here at Lend a Paw Animal Rescue, we support fostering our dogs. Our foster program aims to give our canine friends a home setting rather than keeping them in isolated kennels. Trusted volunteers from all over the city open their homes to these pets. We are looking for people who are passionate about dogs and love taking care of them. Take a look at our foster program’s policy and requirements below. If you are a good fit, then a dog in need could seek comfort in your home. 

  1. All foster dogs are property of Lend a Paw Animal Rescue
    Even though these dogs are living in your home, they are still legal property of Lend a Paw Animal Rescue. The dog cannot be left with another family or dropped off at a boarding facility. If you cannot care for the dog, you must return them to our shelter. 
  2. Lend a Paw Animal Rescue will shoulder costs and materials
    We will provide foster parents with food, crates, bowls, collar, leash, toys, and more. We will also pay for any medical expenses that the dog will need. All you need to do is make them a part of your family.
  3. Foster families have priority on adoption matters
    If the dog will be adopted, the foster families are the priority over other potential adopters. 
  4. We prefer that you have a fenced area in your home
    It is not required, but we prefer that you have a fenced area in your home. This is to make sure that the dog will be able to run and play while being safe. 
  5. The dog must be included in the family’s home
    Include your foster dog in the family activities. Allow them to go inside the house and play with the kids. You must also walk them daily and provide entertainment. 
  6. Your own pets must be healthy and prepared
    If you already have pets at home, make sure they are prepared for new visitors. Spay and neuter your pets at home as well. 
  7. Foster parents must be at least 21 years old
    We want to make sure that you are mature and capable of taking care of these dogs. We allow foster parents and adopters who are at least 21 years old and above to participate. 
  8. Tenants must provide written consent
    If you live in a rented home or apartment, we require written consent from your landlord. This is to make sure that the dog will be allowed on the premises. 
  9. Some dogs need special medications
    Some dogs have special conditions that must be taken care of. You will be responsible for giving them what they need. 
  10.  Contact Lend a Paw Animal Rescue if you can no longer care for the dog
    If you won’t be able to look after the dog, contact us immediately. For emergencies, you also need to let us know so we can make other arrangements for the dog.
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