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Lend a Paw Animal Rescue: Adopt, don’t shop

Most people choose to go into a pet store or a kennel to buy their dog. This practice is done because some people prefer purebred dogs with unique physical features.  There are actually hidden implications when buying instead of adopting a dog. Statistics say that for every dog bought in the pet store, a dog up for adoption is put to sleep. Here at Lend a Paw Animal Rescue, we believe that adopted dogs deserve a home too. You can choose from a wide variety of pups and even find your new best friend. 

Our organization is represented by its donors and other supporters. We have a lot of volunteers who are willing to allot time and effort for our dogs. Some people advocate for adopting, while other foster dogs in their homes. Those who cannot keep dogs still help by donating to our organizations. Every year, 56% of shelter dogs are euthanized because they do not get adopted. This is why we advocate for adopting pets instead of shopping. Take a look at some reasons why you should adopt a dog: 

  1. Save a life
    Thousands of dogs and other house pets like cats are euthanized every year. They are forced to be put down because of overpopulation. Too many of them are roaming the streets and could potentially be in danger. Organizations like Lend a Paw Animal Rescue work to keep as many stray animals as possible. We need them to go to new homes so that there will be more space for other strays. Save a life today and adopt a dog. 
  2. Boycott illegal breeders
    Pet shops and illegal breeders sell dogs for a living. Most of the time, they only sell and breed dogs to make a profit. You can do your part in condoning this practice by adopting. The more people choose to adopt rather than buy a purebred dog, it will help put those illegal breeders out of business. 
  3. Stop overpopulation
    Here at Lend a Paw Animal Rescue, we work to spay and neuter our dogs to avoid overpopulation. These pups tend to be on their own in the streets and continue to reproduce. You can help stop overpopulation by adopting and allowing us to take in more dogs to spay and neuter.  
  4. Dogs are mature and kind
    Some people say that adopted dogs are mature and kinder compared to dogs that are bought. They are grateful and tend to love their owners more passionately. You can skip some of the training because most shelter dogs are already house trained. They are also calmer and more loving towards their owners. 
  5. You will know your dog’s story
    Unlike pet stores and breeders, adoption organizations know the story of the dogs. We can tell you the estimated age of the dog as well as how we rescued them. You would be surprised how much these pups have endured in the streets. Some come from abusive homes and even unfortunate accidents. You can be a part of their story by providing the happy ending they deserve. 
  6. Support an animal organization
    Most animal shelters and organizations are not funded by the government. Lend a Paw Animal Rescue is run by its generous donors and volunteers. You can foster or adopt dogs to help us take in more strays. If you are unable to foster or adopt a dog, you can simply donate. Any amount will go towards caring for these animals. 
  7. Advocate for animal adoption
    The moment you dedicate yourself to adopting a shelter dog, you will become an advocate for animal adoption. You can spread the word to your friends and family. By doing simple things, you can be a messenger for these dogs who cannot speak for themselves. 
  8. You’ll adopt a healthy dog
    Adoption organizations make sure that dogs are in good health. After being rescued from the streets, they are brought to the vet and go through an exam. Adult dogs are spayed and neutered and given their vaccinations. Some dogs have permanent medical issues, and it is up to you if you want to care for them. Rest assured that you will adopt a clean and healthy pup. 
  9. Pay less for adoption fees
    You can save hundreds of dollars when you adopt a dog. Pet store and breeder prices are high these days. It makes more sense to rescue a dog in need and pay less while doing so. Adoption fees are lower and even include updated shots and vaccines as well as neutering/spaying. 
  10.  Establish a lifetime relationship with your dog
    Those who adopt dogs say that the experience is very rewarding. Adopting a dog is not only cheap, but it also gives you a sense of happiness and fulfilment. You will be saving a life and having the best time with your new dog. 

Pros and cons of adopting a dog

You may be wondering if adopting a dog is the best choice for you. There is no denying that owning a dog can cost money and requires a lot of effort. Make sure that you are ready to adopt a new pet by taking a look at the pros and cons below: 

Pros of adopting a dogCons of adopting a dog
Save a dog from being euthanizedYou may not find the exact breed you want
Find an unexpected matchThe adoption process can take a while
Pay less for adoption feesYou will have to go through a lot of interviews and paperwork
Learn about your dog’s story and historyAdoption organizations are not well-funded
Get information from shelter workers about what your dog likes or needsSome dogs, especially older ones, have special needs
Contribute to animal welfare and adoptionYou can be rejected by the organization if you don’t meet their requirements
Find lost dogsThere is a chance you won’t know your dog’s breed
Shelter dogs are usually housebroken and trained wellYou won’t know your dog’s history or background
Shelter dogs are kinder and more grateful to their ownersSome shelter dogs get lonely when you aren’t around
Even though you won’t find unique breeds, you will have a lot of options to choose fromShelter dogs can become possessive over their food and toys since they didn’t have any of these while they were on the streets. 
Senior dogs are calmer, more mature, and are loving to their ownersThe adoption organization could give you an incomplete history and papers regarding your dog. 
Shelter dogs are evaluated for compatibility with their owners. Senior dogs can be more difficult to take care of

Adoption success stories

Some adoption agencies provide announcements in their pages or newsletters when dogs have been adopted. This is a momentous occasion because most shelters have rigorous processes for adoption and fostering. When owners finally take their adopted pets home, the results can be heartwarming. Some of these people post photos of their pets before and after being adopted. The change cannot be missed and will surely warm the hearts of pet lovers. 

Ariel Dehart from the United States shares that when she adopted her dog Nook Nook, he was two days away from being euthanized. He is deaf but incredibly smart. Nook Nook understands basic sign commands and is a big lovebug. Jacki adopted a loveable dog named Riley a few months ago and the changes are incredible. Riley came from the streets and began losing her hair from the fleas and ticks. She had infections all over her body. Riley’s new mom and friends helped her get back to normal. Today, these pups live the good life with their favourite people. 

The process of adopting a dog can be tedious but incredibly rewarding. Owners love to tell the stories of how their pooches have transitioned so well. A simple act of kindness in adopting a dog in need can go a long way. You can do your part in our dog-loving community as well. You can visit our shelter and adopt your next best friend, or foster a dog until they can have a permanent home. You can also help by donating money to help pay for their veterinary bills and food expenses. 

About Lend a Paw Animal Rescue

Lend a Paw Animal Rescue is an adoption organization based in Canada. We do our best to work as a team and rescue stray dogs. Afterwards, we bring them to the vet and provide the necessary care and medication. When they are healthy and in good condition, they are put up for adoption. 

Our journey began in 2011, and since then we have helped to rehome a lot of animals. You can do your part in giving these fur babies a home by adopting, fostering, or even donating money.

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