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Lend a Paw Animal Rescue: About us

Most of the dogs we rescue are homeless and found on the streets. Some of them have suffered from serious injuries and diseases while others are depressed. We take them in and take care of these dogs until they can find new homes. 

Our volunteers and foster homes make up our family. They work hard every day to make sure that our animals are taken care of. Each person has their own task in keeping the charity running. Our organization is not funded by the government, so we rely on volunteers and donations. 

We have an adoption and foster care program. You can fill up a form and get a chance to live with our dogs. For those who want to adopt, you will have to go through a rigorous process. We will be interviewing you and visiting your home. If everything goes well, you can go home with your new family member. 

The importance of animal shelters

Most animal shelters and adoption organizations are not funded by the government. This means that they rely on donations and volunteer work to keep running. Lend a Paw Animal Rescue is fortunate to have a team of dedicated volunteers. They work hard to make sure that our dogs are happy and healthy. Animal shelters should be more widespread in different cities. Take a look at why animal shelters are important:

  1. Animal shelters care for neglected animals
    After rescuing animals from the street, shelters take them in and bring them to the vet. They help them get better and train them to trust humans again. These dogs slowly begin to form a relationship with volunteers and are put up for adoption.
  2. Animal shelters promote important causes to the public
    There is an overpopulation of animals all over the world. It is a sad sight to see these animals go hungry and roam around the streets looking for a home. Shelters take them from the streets and help these dogs.
  3. Animal shelters help the community
    These shelters help keep animals off the streets. They are healed from diseases and other dangerous situations. Stray dogs can be in danger out in the streets. Sometimes, stray dogs can bite people when they feel threatened.
  4. Animal shelters educate members of the community
    Shelters provide education programs for kids. They want to let the public know more about these animals and how you can help them. If people know about this issue, then more people will donate and volunteer their time as well!
  5. Animal shelters return lost dogs
    Thousands of pets are lost every year. They can escape their homes and find it impossible to get back on their own. These pets are forced to live a life on the streets looking for food. 
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