Jan 16th

Little Tibeau was run over by a vehicle.  His entire leg was crushed so badly there was no option to save it. This morning he was released from the clinic and is now settling with us. He is having a difficult time standing on three legs, so he is our first little rescue to have his very own wall to wall kennel carpeting. 

Lend A Paw - Tibeau

Jan 28th

Its been 2 weeks since Tibeau had his leg amputated and today he was into the Battlefords Animal Hospital for a check-up and to have his stitches removed. Everything has healed and he is starting to get around great, just needs to build up a little more strength in his back leg. He has also grown alot in the past couple weeks!!!


Feb 16th

Tibeau was back into the Battlefords Animal Hospital today as we have some concerns as to how he is using his back leg.  They feel because his leg had to be amputated so high he may be having issues with balance and he is more comfortable compensating by swinging his hip out when he walks.

After consultation with the Vet College in Saskatoon, they have suggested 4-6 weeks of physiotherapy and leash walks only to help with his balance and strengthen his back leg.  By Tibeau not using his leg properly it is causing stress on his spine and hip.    If we don't see any improvement over the next few weeks they will check for possible nerve damage or other underlying problems.

Tibeau - Lend A Paw

Mar 22th

Tibeau has been doing really well with his physiotherapy and we have noticed a huge improvement in his strength and balance, but when he tires or is on a slippery surface he still has trouble.  He doesn't seem to be in any pain, can go up and down stairs, and wants to run and play, so it has been really hard on us having to restrict his activity.  He is such a good boy, fully house & crate trained, and is growing like weed.  He will be back in for an examination on Mar 26th.

Available for adoption - Lend A Paw

Mar 26th

Tibeau was in today to see his Dr.'s at the Battlefords Animal Hospital and new x-rays were taken.  They feel his femoral head (ball) is not properly staying in the acetabulum (socket), and he may require surgery.  We are just waiting to hear back from the Vet College in Saskatoon as to what options are available for Tibeau.

File 2016-06-20, 1 08 24 PM

April 8th

Tibeau will require a Triple Pelvic Osteotomy surgery where they will reorient the acetabulum (socket) over the femoral head (ball). Basically, Tibeau's hip does not stay in place so they will tilt his pelvis to cover the ball at a better angle which will keep it in place. This is the same surgery they would perform on a young dog/pup with early signs of hip dysplasia and it has a 90% success rate. A lot had to be considered in Tibeau's case, his quality of life now & down the road, and the fact he only has that back leg so his post-op care will be a little more difficult to manage. Tibeau is booked for surgery at the Vet College on May 2nd.


May 2nd

Off to Saskatoon for his surgery.  Today he met his Dr.'s, had blood work and x-rays.  When they examined Tibeau's x-rays they determined he would not be a good candidate for the the TPO surgery.  Two other surgical options were explained to us, an open reduction of the hip, or a femoral head & neck excision but they wouldn't know which procedure until surgery.


May 3rd

During surgery, it was decided that trying an open reduction of the hip was not appropriate based on his malformed acetabulum, and a femoral head and neck excision (also called FHNE or FHO). He recovered well from surgery and anesthesia, and was starting to take a few steps on the leg the day after surgery with sling support.

Femoral head and neck excision returns dogs to near-normal, pain-free function in their hips about 80% of the time; a bit of a butt wiggle and some fatigue with exercise can remain, since the new false joint is supported by muscles. Physical rehabilitation is key in getting the best result possible. Full recovery typically takes 4-5 months.

He still has a long road ahead of him with rehab, but in a couple months he will be able to do everything a perfectly normal dog enjoys doing with out any restrictions or pain. He will be released Saturday morning but in the meantime, he is getting lots of encouragement & attention by the terrific Dr.'s & staff at Vet College, Thank you for taking such good care of our extra special boy!!


May 7th

Tibeau had his surgery on May 3rd and was released from the Vet College this morning.  He is doing great so far and is happy to be back with us.  He will be going to stay in a foster home in Saskatoon and starting his rehab in a couple weeks once everything has had a chance to heal.

Click on the link below to watch a video
of  Tibeau's Journey with Lend A Paw so far.

Tibeau's Journey Part 1

Tibeau Vet College2

May 21st

So, the 2nd part of Tibeau's journey has started.  We took Tibeau up to Saskatoon today to meet his foster parents Sarah & Spencer.  He will have a week to settle in and then he will start his physiotherapy at the vet college on the 27th.  Sarah & Spencer will not only be taking Tibeau to his appointments, they will also have to do physio exercises and activities with him on a daily basis - Thank you so much for your commitment and opening your hearts & home to this extra special boy! xxx


May 27th

Tibeau had his assessment and first rehab appointment with Dr. Penney today.   He was such a good boy and really enjoyed all the attention, and treats!   So far he is booked in with Dr. Penney for 16 sessions over the next month or so, and we can't wait to see his progress.


June 19th

Tibeau has been going twice a week to his rehab sessions with Dr. Penney and they have him doing all kinds of different activities, walking on the treadmill, stairs, water therapy, laser therapy and a big yellow ball that we would have trouble standing on, lol  He has been working so hard, not only for Dr. Penney but Sarah and Spencer too.   He never complains just does what is ask of him.  He also came and spent a week with us while Sarah & Spencer went on a holiday and we could really see the progress they have been making with him.  He is such a happy dog and we enjoyed spending time with him while he was here.

July 3rd

Tibeau started his physiotherapy with Dr. Penney just over 7 weeks ago and has made amazing progress. Starting next week he will only have to continue going once a week - he will like that, lol Today he had his first swimming therapy session at the Saskatoon Waterpaws Canine Aquatic Centre and did his foster parents proud 🙂 - WAY TO GO TIBEAU!!!!! On Tuesday he will also be starting classes at DogWould, he is going to be one busy boy!! Huge hugs to his foster parents Sarah & Spencer for their commitment & dedication, and most of all the love and encouragement they give this amazing dog!

July 26th

Tibeau has been working really hard at his physio appointments with Dr. Penney and we can see a huge improvement in his spine and strength in his leg 🙂  There is even a rumor that Dr. Penney may cut his physio down to once every two weeks in August!  He is still swimming once a week at Waterpaws (without a life jacket) and only has three more obedience classes at DogWould before he graduates. "It's been a long journey Tibeau but it looks like all your hard work is starting to pay off.  You WILL have everything you deserve and have fought so hard for - we are all so proud of you ♥"



Sept 5th




Click on the link below to watch Part 2 of Tibeau's Journey!

And, see how hard our boy has been working & what he's been up to the last 4 months.
Be sure to watch it to the end as there is an extra special announcement 🙂

Click on the link below to watch the video

Tibeau's Journey Part 2

Tibeau  (Saskatoon, SK)
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