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Fostering Policy & Requirements

The Foster Program is an avenue for LAP to move dogs from the isolation kennel in to a home environment while they await adoption.  All dogs/pups moved to a Lend A Paw approved foster care home will have met the minimum quarantine requirements, been vet checked and cleared of any medical condition, vaccinated, dewormed, spay/neutered (if age appropriate) and micro-chipped.  

  • The dog is the property of LAP and must be returned to LAP if the foster home is unable to continue care of the dog in its own home. The foster dog cannot be left or dropped off with someone else or boarded at a boarding facility.  
  • LAP supplies the foster care home with the food, crate, bowls, puppy pads, collar, leash, toys and provides any medical or vet expenses the foster dog may require.
  • Foster families have priority over any potential adopter to adopt the dog/pup they are fostering.
  •  It is not required but we prefer you have a fenced yard adequate for the dog you are fostering.
  • You need to be able to offer a place in your home to the foster dog; these dogs need to be a part of the family.
  • An appropriate sized crate or kennel is necessary to keep the foster dog in while you are away from home, for the safety of the dog and your property.
  • We require that your own pets be healthy, spayed/neutered and up-to-date on their shots.
  • You must be 21 years of age or older, and have the support of all individuals living in your home.
  • If you are renting, you must provide us with written proof from your landlord giving you permission to have a foster dog on the premises.
  • Depending on the dog you are fostering, you may have to administer medications.
  • The dog you are fostering is the property of Lend A Paw Animal Rescue Inc.  We supply the food, kennel, bowls, puppy pads, collar, leash and any medical or vet expenses the foster dog may require.
  • If, at any time you are unable to continue fostering for any reason we ask that you contact us immediately so other arrangements can be made for your foster dog.  In an emergency, or if you are going away and cannot take your foster dog with you we need to be notified and arrangements will be made to have the dog brought back to the rescue. 

We ask our foster families to:

Give the foster dog lots of attention and affection; treating it as if it was your own. The foster dog may have lived a difficult life before being place with you. The love, understanding and guidance you provide will make a huge difference in your foster dog’s adoptability and transition to a furever home.

Make yourself and the dog you are fostering available for potential adopters.  With the help of our foster home coordinator, you will be asked to make the dog available for a potential adopter to meet or asked to speak to them about your foster dog.  We value your insight and input into our adoption process and after all, you will know this dog better than anyone else.

Keep us informed. Our foster home coordinator is there to help and we ask that you keep her updated on the progress of your foster.  The more information you share with us on issues and triumphs the easier it is for us to work through any problems that arise and get the dog adopted quickly.

Help train and socialize the foster dog.  Socialize the foster dog with other animals, children, men and strangers. Try to expose the dog to different situations, environments, noises and places by taking it on outings, car rides, etc.  Help to train the dog – depending on the dog you foster; it may need to be house trained, crate trained or taught to sit, stay, etc. If you teach your foster dog a trick or two, that would be great! Our foster home coordinator is an obedience trainer & behaviorist, who is more than willing to help you with training and give you advice on addressing any problems that may arise.

If you feel you can help by fostering a dog, the first step is to fill out our Foster Application. Our foster home coordinator will then contact you and set up an appointment to discuss with you which dog will best fit into your home, lifestyle and level of commitment.

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healing hearts one paw at a time

healing hearts one paw at a time

healing hearts one paw at a time

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