Foster Application

Before proceeding  and submitting the Foster Application, please read our Foster Information & Requirements

What are your current living accommodations? ie. acreage, city, condo, renting, own home, etc.
Do you have a fenced yard or dog run?
Are the pets in your home spayed/neutered?
Are the pets in your home up to date on vaccinations?
How many pets are currently living with you? Please list their ages, gender, breeds, etc. Do you anticipate any problems between them and a foster dog?
Do you have children? What ages? Or, will children be visiting your home regularly?
Tell us the size(s) and characteristics you are looking for in a foster dog?
Please tell us about where the foster dog will be kept in your home, outdoors?
How many hours will the foster pet be left alone during the day?
Do you consider yourself to be an experienced dog owner? Are you comfortable assisting a foster pet with minor issues such as house training, pulling on a leash, basic commands?
You may be asked to allow potential adopters to come to your home to meet your foster dog. Are you okay with this arrangement? Please list any restrictions or concerns? All potential adopters will be pre-screened by Lend A Paw.
Any questions, comments or concerns you may have regarding fostering a dog/pup for us..
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