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Currently at Lend A Paw

These are the amazing dogs & pups we currently have in our care at Lend A Paw.  If you have any questions, concerns or would like more information on a specific dog, please contact us.  If you are interested in adopting or setting up a meet & greet, please submit our online Adoption Application.

Female - Collie Mix
Apprx. 12 weeks (16 lbs.)

Molly is currently being treated for malnutrition along with mange.  Her cute little fussy butt 🙂 and coat had to be shaved, but it is starting to come back in nicely.  She is a little sweetheart and should be available for adoption around the middle of Dec.  We will post more information on Molly around that time.

Adoption Fee:  $200, plus $150 spay deposit

Currently in Maidstone, SK

Female - Lab Mix
Apprx. 1 yr old

Meesha was hit by a car Oct 19th and required surgery & pins to repair her broken leg.  She has been on restricted crate rest while her leg heals and will be going back in for x-rays and her spay around the first week of Dec.  She should be available for adoption around the middle of Dec.  We will post more information on Meesha at that time.

Adoption Fee:  $250

Currently in Foster care - Lashburn, SK

Male - Rotti
Apprx. 5mths

Crash was hit by a car around Halloween and required surgery to repair/plate his shattered leg at the U of S Small Animal Clinic in Saskatoon.  During his hospital stay, one of the techs fell in love with him and offered to foster/adopt him.  Crash will require follow-up appointments and physiotherapy in the upcoming weeks/months, so it has worked out great for him and us that his new family is able to help out with his follow up care.

Currently in Foster care - Saskatoon, SK

Momma Bea & Family
Female - Terrier Mix
Apprx. 3 yr old

Bea and her four 4 week old little girls arrived from up north on Nov 18th.  Both mom and puppies are currently being treated for mange & lice.  Because the pups are too young and severely underweight (all weighing less than a pound) we are having to remove the lice ourselves until they can safely be treated.   Momma Bea & the girls won't be ready for adoption until the New Year.

Currently in Maidstone, SK

happy tails
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