Adoption Information

Policy, Fees & Procedure

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Adoption Information & Policy

  •  Adopter must be 21 years old.
  •  The dog must be adopted as a family pet.
  • The dog must be provided a safe home, adequate food, water, veterinary care, love and attention.
  • The dog must be allowed to live/sleep inside the adopters home and be part of the family.  
    If breed/age appropriate and depending on the prior circumstances of the dog and the time of year, we may consider an adoption to an outside home provided it has proper shelter.   Under NO circumstances will we adopt dogs/pups under 1 year of age to outside homes.
  • If living in a town/city we prefer you have a secure fenced area/yard. 
  • A buckle collar and ID tags must be kept on the dog at all times.
  • If adopter is renting, written approval from the landlord is required, stating the dog is allowed in and on the premises.
  • All dogs living in adoptive home that are 6 months of age or older must be spayed or neutered.
  • All dogs living in adoptive home must be up to date on vaccinations.
  • If adopting a pup under 6 months of age, adopter is responsible for and agrees to spay/neuter the pup by the date specified on the Spay/Neuter Contract, usually 6 months of age.  (All dogs/pups 6 months or older at time of adoption will be spay/neutered by Lend A Paw prior to adoption).
  • If you find the dog you adopted is not a good match or not working out it MUST be returned to us.  If the adopted dog is returned within two weeks (trial period) of the adoption the full adoption fee will be refunded.
  • If you are no longer able to keep your dog, it is not to be given away, sold or disposed of without the written consent of Lend A Paw.
  • Foster families have priority over any potential adopter to adopt the dog/pup they are fostering..
Adoption Information - Lend A Paw

Adoption Fees

Adult Dog  $275  
Puppy (6mths or older)  $275  
Senior Dog (8yrs or older) $90
Puppy (under 6mths) $250, plus a deposit of $150 which will be refunded once we receive proof that the spay/neuter has been done.  

♥  All our dogs & pups are vet checked, dewormed, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Adult, senior and pups over 6mths of age will be spay/neutered prior to adoption and will have received their rabies vaccine.

♥  All puppies will have received age appropriate vaccines at the time of adoption.  Adopter is responsible for any remaining vaccines.

Adoption Information - Lend A Paw

Adoption Procedure

Step 1:  Complete and submit the Adoption Application

Step 2:  Your application will be reviewed by our adoption committee. If the dog you wish to adopt is deemed a good match for your family, living conditions and lifestyle, it will be approved.
 – Adoptions are not determined on a first come basis.
  – In most cases a home check will be done.
 – If a long distance adoption you may be asked to submit pictures/video of your home/yard.

Step 3:  Once your adoption application has been approved we will contact you to set up a meet n greet.  If all parties are in favor of the adoption, (prospective adoptive family, foster family & adoption coordinator) the adoption will be finalized.

  • It is your responsibility to arrange pick up of the dog.  We do not ship dogs, nor arrange transport.
  • Meet n’ greets will ONLY be set up if your application has been received and approved.  
  • If you are not ready to adopt or able to make arrangements to meet/pick-up the dog you are applying for within a reasonable amount of time, please do not submit an application.  The dogs/pups posted as available have already been with us for a minimum of two weeks or more and the space is needed to help other dogs in need of rescue.
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happiness is just a tail wag away

happiness is just a tail wag away

happiness is just a tail wag away

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