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Before proceeding  and submitting the Adoption Application, please read our Adoption Information (Policy & Procedures)

Dog/Pup applying for:
Home Phone:
Cell/Other Phone:
Do you currently own your home or rent?
# of Adults living in home
# of Children living in home. Please list ages.
If renting, please provide landlords name & contact #:
Do you currently have any other pets?
If yes, please tell us about them (names, type of pet, ages, size, breed, etc.)
Are all your current pets spayed or neutered?
Are all your pets up to date on vaccinations?
**Required if you currently have a dog(s).
Will the dog/pup primarily be?
How many hours a day will the dog/pup be left alone?
Where will the dog/pup spend the day?
Where will the dog/pup spend the night?
If or when there is no one home at times during the day/night where will the dog be kept?
Do you have a fully fenced yard?
If yes, please indicate height of the fence. If no, please explain how you will deal with your dogs potty and exercise needs.
Will the dog/pup have to be tied up?
Have you ever previously adopted a dog?
If yes, from which rescue organization or shelter?
Have you ever given away a previously owned pet?
If yes, explain why?
What conditions or circumstances would cause you to give up /return the dog/pup you are applying for?
What is your reason for wanting to adopt this dog?
If you are NOT in the Maidstone/Battlefords Area, please explain how you plan on getting the pup/dog you are applying for and when you would be picking it up?
I am at least 21 years of age and have read the Adoption Information (Policy & Procedures)

PLEASE BE PATIENT:  We are a small rescue run by volunteers, so when we have a number of dogs/pups/litters posted as available for adoption, it may take us some time to get through the applications received.  Meet n' greets will ONLY be set up if your application has been received and approved.  If you are not ready to adopt or able to make arrangements to meet/pick-up the dog/pup you are applying for within a reasonable amount of time, please do not submit an application.  The dogs/pups posted as available have already been with us for a minimum of two weeks or more and the space is needed to help other dogs in need of rescue.

Lend A Paw Animal Rescue Inc. reserves the right to refuse ANY adoption for ANY reason.

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