About - Lend A Paw
About - Lend A Paw
About - Lend A Paw
About - Lend A Paw

for those that have no home the journey is endless

Who are we

Lend A Paw was founded in August 2011, by a small group of ladies that seen a necessity in the area to help animals in need of rescue and to implement change through education and adoption.  Lend A Paw is a registered Canadian Charity and can issue tax receipts.  Our Board of Directors and membership is made up of caring individuals who support and volunteer their time in many different aspects to help improve the lives of animals in need.

What we do

We rescue dogs from all types of situations based on the need of urgency, medical condition and availability of space. 98% of the dogs that come into the organizations care are homeless and many are suffering from injuries and the effects of neglect.  We provide the care needed until loving homes are found. We also educate and promote responsible pet ownership, adoption and provide assistance where and when needed.  

How Can You Help

Our volunteers & foster homes are at the "heart" of Lend A Paw. Without their support and dedication Lend A Paw would simply not exist. Volunteers provide and support Lend A Paw in many different aspects, each contributing their own individual expertise and determining their own level of involvement. We welcome anyone who would like to become a volunteer member of Lend A Paw and can offer their expertise or just help lend a paw. 

Foster Home Program

We are always in need of emergency foster homes, both short & long term.  Since we are a foster-based rescue, the more foster homes we have available the more dogs we can bring into our care. After a dog/pup has finished it's quarantine time, been vet checked, vaccinated, treated for parasites, spayed or neutered (if age appropriate), and assessed for any behavioral issues it is placed in a Lend A Paw Foster Home.  The organization provides all the necessities the animal with require, food, bowls, crate, collar/leash, etc.  With the help of the organization's foster home coordinator,  the foster family is asked to provide the animal with a secure & safe environment, socialization, training and love.  Stats show that dogs/pups that are housed in shelter situations are stressed and more likely to develop behavior issues.  The organization feels that the foster home environment is the best way to properly transition a rescued dog/pup into its forever home.

Adoption Process

Once all medical issues have been resolved and the dog has been vaccinated, spayed or neutered (if age appropriate), micro chipped and assessed for any behavioral problems, it will be placed up for adoption.  Interested adopters are asked to fill out an Adoption Application for the dog they are interested in adopting.  The application is then reviewed by our adoption committee, a home check is done and references are checked.  If the criteria is met and the organization feels the dog is a good match the adoption is completed.  When approving an adoption, the organization considers many factors, including the adopter's lifestyle & level of commitment. Some individuals feel this is unnecessary, ”a home is a home” but, we feel otherwise.  We rescue these dogs from sad situations, sometimes horrific, we want to make sure they are being adopted in to forever homes, will be part of the family and properly given the care, life & love they deserve.

How we are funded

Lend A Paw receives no funding from government or municipalities, and is 100% operated and administrated by volunteers. All funding is directly derived from the organizations fundraising efforts, donations and support from the public & businesses.  

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
 P.O. Box 852
Maidstone, SK S0M 1M0

E-mail:  lendapaw@rocketmail.com
Web-site:  www.lendapaw.ca
Facebook:  Lend A Paw Animal Rescue

happy tails
every dog deserves a home and a happy tail


About - Lend A Paw
About - Lend A Paw
About - Lend A Paw
About - Lend A Paw

"To rescue, assist and improve the lives of animals in need by providing shelter, food and medical care to the unwanted, neglected and abandoned until loving homes can be found."

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